Drag Spec Supra for Sale


Drag Spec Supra for Sale

We are Proud to Offer this Fully Tuned JZA80 Drag Supra for Sale for use here in Japan or Export around the world.

This Vehicle has not yet been fully prepped / processed.  Price is for the car in current condition.  Prep work will incur further costs for workshop time and parts if Required.  Full Pics and Video are not yet available. Work will commence on this car shortly, where we plan to modernise the tuning and appearance of this super clean Supra.


1996.5 Supra RZ








R: Drag Tyres, Low Tread

Detailed Specs

T88H-34D Turbo Kit
Trust type C hiflow Wastegate
Blitz version R Intercooler
Aftermarket Exhaust System
ORC Clutch (Triple?)
HKS 272 ° IN & EX Cams
Cosworth 87mm Piston
HKS H cross section Con Rod
Titanium retainer
Reinforced valve spring
Reinforced valve guide
One Off Surge Tank
90mm Throttle
HKS Twin Power
Decat Pipe
Exhaust silencer valve
Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Metal Suction Pipe
Blitz Air Cleaner
Greddy Metal Upper Rad Hose
Oil Catch Can
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Reg (Nismo?)
Aftermarket Injectors (SARD 800cc?)
Aftermarket Fuel Pump
Hurst Line Lock
Trust Oil Cooler

HKS Drag Dampers
Swift Racing Rear Springs

CS Top Front Bumper
Carbon Vented Bonnet
Front Toe Eye

HKS FconV (Silver)
One off 13 point type chromoly roll bar
Bride Full Bucket Seat for Driver
Sabelt Harness
Recaro Recliner
Battery Moved to Casein Rear
Greddy / HKS Meters
Autometer Tacho with Shift Light
Veilside Steering Wheel
Drift Button
Tech tom Rev Limiter
TRD 320 KMH Speedo
HKS Mixture Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer

Please Study all pics for more info (Full size copies can be sent on request)
Car is unprepped in our workshop yet.  We know ECU settings are poor and there’s a small exhaust leak around turbo.  We plan to modernize but don’t know when we will get time hence offer for sale as is.
We can order wheels to suit (Rays / Work / Enkei etc etc)
Very Clean condition throughout!
No Crash History
Total Kms Unknown
Built by T-GET

Air Con Removed
No Carpet (We can source if required), some rear trims etc in the trunk

What we do…


We can arrange this car to be shipped to you in your home country!


You can fly to Japan and Drive this car here on the Circuits of Ebisu!


We can further Tune this car with Top Parts from our extensive Partners List!

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