1999 Toyota Crown 1.5JZ

¥ 1,595,000 JPY FOB 

1999.11 Toyota Chaser, Pearl White

.5We are proud to offer this Drift Modified JZS171 Toyota Crown Drift Car with 1JZ Engine and Manual Trans, with HKS Turbo, Cams, and Lock Mods, for use here in Ebisu or Export Round the world!


1999.11 Toyota Crown




Pearl White




F: OK Valino
R: Worn

Detailed Specs

2JZ Block 3000cc, 1JZ VVTi Head (1.5JZ)

Metal Suction Pipe
Water Bypass Kit
Greddy Upper Rad Hose
HKS Cams
HKS Adjustable Cam Pulley (ex)
Alloy Koyo Radiator
HKS 3040 Turbo
HKS Down Pipe
HKS Manifold
HKS Wastegate with Screamer Pipe
Premium Japan Electric Throttle Conversion Kit
HPI Intercooler Kit
HPI Air Cleaner
Oil cooler Kit
Aftermarket Injectors (Sard 650cc?)
Turbo Cover
Oil filter Relocation Kit
Kazama Auto Engine Mounts

Work CR Kai 18” Wheels 18x 9.5J + 12 (F) +20 (R)
Custom Aftermarket Exhaust (Pretty quiet, remove rear silencer if you want it loud!)
NEW Final Konnexion Coilovers Stealth with 24/10 Springs
Aftermarket LSD
Solid LSD Mount Bushes
PV Knuckles
Kazama Long tie Rod Ends
Custom Solid Transmission Mount
Rack Spacers
R154 5 Speed Transmission
HKS Twin Plate Clutch

Sun Roof
OEM Aero

HKS Valtai Controller
HKS FconV Pro Gold
Uprated Fuel Pump
Sparco Removable Steering Boss
Nardi Steering wheel
Recaro Millennium Recliner for Driver
Full Saito Roll Cage with harness bar
JZX100 Handbrake
Aftermarket Shift Knob
Defi Boost Meter
Defi Oil Pressure Meter
Defi Oil Temp Meter
Defi Water Temp meter
HKS EVC Boost Controller

Please Study all pics for more info (Full size copies can be sent on request)
Change to Non electric type JZX throttle would be a good modification (Would need tune adjusted also to suit)
Some Dents on front inner fenders and on front fenders / all arches / Passenger doors (We can arrange repairs at a body shop at extra cost if required)
Some Chips on Wheels
Requires Bucket seat and harness for use in Ebisu
Some Paint Lacquer peeling
Rear Seats in car (Won’t fit with cage)
Still Registered as 2500cc on paperwork
Estimated 450-500HP at 1.5 Bar

Detailed pics here


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